Notes for Exhibitors

When entering online please give Total Amount of Entries in the box provided and in the following box add the individual Class Number x Quantity, eg. 100 x 2, for each of the classes you wish to enter.  Please use one form to submit all your entries.

All Entries are FREE in the 2023 Belford Show.

There are no restrictions to the amount you can enter in any class except for the Junior and Senior sections where a maximum of 2 exhibits in each class is allowed.

Entry forms may also be left in a collection box in the Community Shop, High Street, Belford.

All entry forms to be completed online or handed into the Community Shop on or before Wednesday 27th September 2023.  Prejudged entries in the Junior Section (Classes 134 to 141) not included in the Belford School Collection must be handed in to the Community Shop, Belford by Tuesday 19th September 2023.


Belford Show Rules

1.       All entry forms to be handed into the Community Shop High Street, Belford or online at on or before Wednesday 27th September 2023.  All entries to be staged by 10.30am on Show Day and must not be removed until the Secretary or the Deputy declare lifting time at approx. 4.35pm.

2.     Exhibitors shall sign a declaration that the work they exhibit is bona-fide their own production and that it has not been previously entered in the Belford Show and that the flowers and vegetables have been grown by them.  Any exhibitor using deception with his or her exhibits shall forfeit all prize money.

3.     Any person charging an exhibitor with violation of Rule 2 must do so in writing before 3.30pm on Show Day and deposit £5.00 with the Secretary or the Deputy, which will be forfeited to the Society, should he or she fail to make good the charge.  The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry without giving a reason.

4.     The Judge need not award the prizes if the specimens or exhibits shown are not of sufficient merit to deserve them.  The decision of the Judges shall be final.

5.     The exhibition will be open, once judging has been completed, at approx. 1.30pm and will close after prize giving at approx. 4.00pm.

6.     The Committee will take the utmost care of the exhibits and they cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to any of the exhibits.

7.     The exhibitor must arrange for the removal of their exhibits.

8.     Prize tickets must not be removed from any of the exhibits before 4.30pm.

9.     Challenge Trophies must be returned to the Community Shop, High Street, Belford before Wednesday 27th September 2023, to ensure they will be ready for Show Day. 

10.   An exhibitor is allowed points from one entry only in each class towards the respective challenge trophy for the section the class is in.  Some classes are excluded from the challenge cups.  There will be some Best of Section Cups to be awarded.

11.   Prize money not collected by 5.30pm on Show day will be classed as a donation towards the Show unless an exhibitor informs the Treasurer to the contrary.

12.   Entry freeentry forms must be submitted by the date shown.

13.   Any entry without entry number on exhibit will be disqualified.

No alcohol prizes to be given to under 18 year olds.